Baseline Priming Gel 15ml

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Baseline Priming Gel 15ml
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120 sec. UV/LED120 sec. UV
Thin viscous adhesive gel
S imple processing
against lifting
UV and UV/LED-curing
Content: 15ml
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Baseline Priming Gel 15ml - Adhesive gel for the price-conscious


The Baseline Base gel 15ml is an adhesive gel for optimal hold of Gel modeling on the natural nail. The bonding gel is used as the basis for the build-up gel, also known as modeling gel or builder gel.It has a viscous consistency and is therefore very easy to work into the nail. We recommend the other products in our Baseline series*Our Baseline gel series is only available in the online store or by phone*


Curing time: 120 seconds in the UV device and 120-240 seconds in the UV/LED device 

thin-viscosity adhesive gel
easy processing
against lifting
UV and UV/LED curing
Content: 15ml


The gel is economical to use as you only apply it very thinly. For optimum hold of the subsequent build-up layer, the perspiration layer is not removed after curing. It is best to massage the gel into the nail with a short brush in a circular motion.

More Information

Size 15ml
Viscosity Thin viscosity
Opacity Clear / Colored
Use Primer
Suitable for / for Beginners
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