Acrylic pigment Red Hazel -A014- 10g

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Acrylic pigment Red Hazel -A014- 10g
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Air drying
Must be mixed with clear acrylic powder
Intense luminosity
low odor
Perfect hold
Content: 10g
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Red Hazel color pigment for colorful French, full cover or nail art

The Emmi-Nail acrylic pigment Red Hazel 10g has an intense luminosity. The colored pigment is mixed with conventional clear acrylic powder and then processed as usual. It is used either for a colorful French tip, for the entire nail or for individual nail art designs. Mixed with clear acrylic powder, it has a creamy consistency and is therefore very easy to work with.

Colored acrylic also sets skilful accents in nail design with gel. Discover the matching video tutorial now. For the easiest application, you will find tools such as liquid, acrylic brushes, dappen dishes and pinch accessories in our acrylic accessories.

Drying time: approx. 5 minutes

✔ Must be mixed with clear acrylic powder
✔ Intense luminosity
✔ Low odour
✔ Perfect hold
✔ Content: 10g

Application after the pigment has been mixed with clear acrylic powder:

  • Prepare and roughen the natural nail as usual
  • Coat the natural nail with a little primer near the cuticle, allow to dry briefly
  • Pick up the liquid with the acrylic brush and brush it out until it is only damp
  • shape a small amount of acrylic into a ball with the tip of the brush
  • Apply the ball quickly to the nail, do not press but brush away from the cuticle
  • Apply French acrylic, make-up acrylic or colored acrylic
  • File the nail into shape on the side and in the C-curve
  • Seal acrylic modeling with UV sealing

More Information

Size 10g
Opacity Covering
Suitable for / for Advanced, Professional
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