Emmi-Nail Fiber Gel Edition Milky Glam 14ml

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Emmi-Nail Fiber Gel Edition Milky Glam 14ml
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60 sec. UV/LED120 sec. UV
Medium viscosity Build-up gel with fiberglass
removable with Premium Remover

80% reinforcement of the natural nail
flexible, self-smoothing
contains vitamin E and calcium
free from methacrylic acid
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Emmi-Nail Fiber Gel Edition Milky Glam 14ml - build-up gel removable with remover

The Soak Off Gel with fiberglass particles for an extremely stable Shellac  modeling. Thanks to its high stability, it enables particularly thin nail modeling. Nevertheless, it remains flexible and does not show any hairline cracks. The fiber gel is used as a base coat for Shellac manicure, to reinforce natural nails or as a base and build-up gel for gel modeling. Not suitable for long nails. Perfect adhesion even with problem nails


The medium-viscosity consistency makes it easy to apply, contains no methacrylic acid and is therefore very gentle on the natural nail. The fiber gel can be removed quickly and easily with our Premium Remover


✔ medium-viscosity Build-up gel with fiberglass
✔ enthält vitamin E and calcium
✔ ablösbar mit Premium Remover
✔ 80% strengthening of the natural nail
✔ flexible, self-smoothing
✔ quick and easy processing
✔ ✔ delicate colors




  • Prepare the fiber gel as usual
  • Apply and cure the fiber gel
  • Apply additional layers of fiber gel as desired
  • After curing, remove the sweat layer and file into shape if necessary
  • finally seal with base and top coat or apply the Emmi Shellac

Application time: 120 seconds in the UV-Gerät and 60 seconds in UV/LED-Gerät.

More Information

Size 14ml
Viscosity Medium viscosity
Opacity Covering, Glitter
Use Primer, Structure
Ingredients Free from methacrylic acid
Suitable for / for Beginners, Advanced, Professional, Natural nails
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