Emmi-Nail Glass Gel Pink 5ml -F199-

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Emmi-Nail Glass Gel Pink 5ml -F199-
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5 sec. UV/LED120 sec. UV
  • transparent color gel
    For special 3D effects
    Medium viscosity
    Free from methacrylic acid (new from batch 240207)
    Vegan (new from batch 240207)
    Content: 5ml
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Transparent color sheen for a mysterious and glamorous look.


With the medium-viscosity Emmi-Nail Glass Gel Pink, you can give your nails an effective color effect and set the stage for your nail modeling with a mysterious transparent look.

The transparent pink UV glass gel is applied to the nail after the base coat either before or after the build-up and cured for 5 seconds under UV/LED or 120 seconds under UV light. Especially on our color gel Sparkling Silver, the unique transparent color accent is guaranteed to attract everyone's attention.

  • transparent color gel
    for special 3D effects
    medium viscosity
    free from methacrylic acid
    Content: 5ml


  1. Build up the nail as usual
  2. Apply Sparkling Silver color gel and cure for 120 seconds under UV light (5 seconds in our UV/LED combi tester)
  3. Apply glass gel as desired and cure for 120 seconds under UV light (5 seconds in our UV/LED combi units)
  4. Seal at the end and decorate as desired with nail art


More Information

Viscosity Medium viscosity
Ingredients Free from methacrylic acid
Size 5ml
Opacity Clear / Colored
Suitable for / for Beginners, Advanced, Professional
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