Emmi-Nail Glossy-Gel Liberty 5ml -F419-

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Emmi-Nail Glossy-Gel Liberty 5ml -F419-
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180 sec. UV/LED180 sec. UV
Studio quality
No sealing/cleaner required
Excellent covering power
Unique color brilliance
medium viscosity
uV and UV/LED curing
Contents: 5ml
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Wetlook color gel "Liberty" - high gloss without cleaner and sealant


The dark ocean blue Liberty gives your fingers a high gloss. The bold blue-green is a real all-round talent. Not only other blues, but also neutral colors such as white and beige go perfectly with this all-rounder. The Emmi® nail glossy gels show off their breathtaking shine best as a full cover. Thanks to the strong pigmentation, they are also ideal for One-Stroke and nail art painting as highlights for matt nails. As the glossy finishes do not require an inhibition layer, our chrome powders can be worked in perfectly.


Studio quality
no sealing/cleaner required
excellent coverage
unique color brilliance
medium viscosity
UV- and UV/LED-curing
Content: 5ml


The Emmi® nail gels for the wet look not only have an extraordinary color brilliance but also a time-saving application. After curing, the Emmi®-Nail Color Gels shine without cleaner and require no sealing. Thanks to the high color brilliance, excellent coverage and incredible shine, you get a stunning color result with intense radiance.


Full cover processing:


  • Prepare the modeling as usual
  • Apply glossy gel to the build-up layer like a color gel
  • .
  • We recommend the Fullcover brush size 5.
  • Cure for 180 seconds under UV or UV/LED light
  • .
  • no cleaner required as the gels cure without inhibition layer


Processing gloss on matt nägel:


  • Prepare nail as usual
  • Sculpt the structure, file the nail into shape and buff
  • Emmi®-Nail color gel of your choice and apply for 60 sec. under UV/LED or 120 sec. under UV light (do not clean)
  • Apply Emmi-Nail Sealing Velvet matt and cure for 240 seconds under UV or UV/LED light
  • Afterwards, you can paint lines or flowers as desired with our glossy gel
  • Our Nail Art Brushes.
  • Harden the design for 180 seconds. (Glossy gels cure without an inhibition layer, so no cleaning is required)
  • The trendy nail art look is ready

More Information

Viscosity Medium viscosity
Size 5ml
Opacity Covering
Suitable for / for Beginners, Advanced, Professional
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