Emmi-Nail Rubber Base Trial Set

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Emmi-Nail Rubber Base Trial Set
2-3 Tage
120 sec. UV/LED120 sec. UV
Cover gels highly pigmented
Medium viscosity
S mell: fruity sweet
Content: 15ml each
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Emmi-Nail Rubber Base trial set - nail gel from the bottle


The medium-viscosity Emmi-Nail Rubber Base gels are used for basing when modeling with Shellac or UV gel. At the same time, you can use it as a build-up gel for both applications. The cover gels are highly pigmented, allowing you to perfectly cover imperfections on the natural nail. The flexible, rubbery consistency adapts perfectly to the nail and gives thin and brittle nails additional strength. Even with problem nails, the result is super adhesion. The clear base gel Crystal Clear is perfect for naturally strengthening natural gels or as a primer for light Shellac colors. Seal the rubber gels with our Emmi-Nail UV lacquer base/top coat.

With the Shellac/ UV polish manicure, you can strengthen your nails with the Rubber Base and still apply the Emmi-Nail Remover. For gel modeling, conjure up a quick build-up or refill.


  • for Shellac or UV gel
  • Highly pigmented cover gels
  • medium viscosity
  • Smell: fruity and sweet
  • Rubber Base Crystal Clear 15ml
  • Rubber Base Milky White 15ml
  • Choice: 1 of 3 Rubber Base Covergels 15ml
  • Content: 15ml each


The Emmi-Nail Rubber Base Gel is suitable as:


  • Gel for strengthening natural nails
  • Base and build-up gel for a more stable UV nail polish manicure
  • Gel for covering imperfections (cover gel)
  • Gel for French or Baby Boomer (Milky White)
  • Base and build-up gel for a quick refill




  1. Prepare the natural nail and apply a Buffer.
  2. Apply our Emmi-Nail Prep&Prime and allow to air dry briefly. (If you have problems, we also recommend our Emmi-Nail Base Coat S2)
  3. Apply Emmi-Nail Rubber Base like nail polish and cure (120 sec. under UV/LED or 120 sec. UV light)
  4. For lengthening or strengthening, apply the rubber base again and cure again.
  5. Do not apply the gel too thickly, rather work in 2 or more layers and let it harden in between.
  6. Now apply a Emmi-Nail UV polish or quickie and let it cure.
  7. The Emmi-Nail UV lacquer Base-/ Top Coat is used as a sealant. (no sealing is required for the quickies, as these varnishes cure without an inhibition layer)
  8. .
  9. After curing with the High-Gloss Cleaner to remove the inhibition layer.




  • Roughen the paint with the Refine Buffer File 100/180 until it no longer shines. CAUTION: Please only roughen the varnish, not the natural nägel.
  • Drop a Remover Wrap with the Remover. Wrap the nail with the wrap and leave the remover on for 8 minutes. For a better hold, clip the wrap with our Remover Clips. For better removal, hold your nails in your curing device during the application time.
  • Finish the nail with a polishing file or continue with the nail modeling.


  • Pour some remover into a manicure bowl and dip your nails in. Leave the remover to work for approx. 3 minutes, then carefully try to remove the layer of polish with a Rosenholzstäbchen. If the layer does not come off, leave the remover to work for another minute.

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Size 15ml
Suitable for / for Beginners, Advanced, Professional, Natural nails
Use Primer, Structure, French, MakeUp / Cover
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