Emmi-Nail Spider Gel Extreme rosé gold 8g -F459-

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Emmi-Nail Spider Gel Extreme rosé gold 8g -F459-
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60 sec. UV/LED120 sec. UV
S ticky consistency - pulls extreme strings
For filigree and straight lines
The latest trend in nail designNail design
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Rose gold spider gel - nail art gel for delicate and straight lines

The Emmi-Nail Sider Gel Extreme rose gold 8g offers a great alternative to the same old designs and gives you new opportunities to express your creativity. Spider gels, also known as line art gels, have a "sticky" consistency. They are used, for example, with a Spot swirl and placed as a dot on the nail. Lifting the swirl creates wafer-thin threads that you can pull over the nail.

Emmi tip for all glitter fans: Before hardening the spider gel, sprinkle some glitter over your design. Now allow the nail to harden and then brush the excess glitter off the nail. You can seal your design if you wish.For lines without an "attachment point", you can also place the spider gel on the skin and carefully pull the "gel thread" over the nail. Then remove the gel from the skin before it hardens with cleaner.

s ticky consistency - pulls extreme threads
for delicate and straight lines
the latest trend in nail designNail design


  1. Model the nails as usual and file into shape.
  2. Apply a color gel, allow it to harden and remove the inhibition layer.
  3. Now use a spot swirl to remove the Spider gel from the jar.
  4. Carefully place the spot swirl on the nail and slowly pull a "gel thread" to the other side of the nail.
  5. Repeat this until your desired design is complete.
  6. Then cure the nail (120 sec. UV light, 60 sec. UV/LED light).
  7. Seal your design

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Size 5ml
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