Emmi ultrasonic room disinfector + Emmi-BioDes

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Emmi ultrasonic room disinfector + Emmi-BioDes
Emmi room disinfector & Emmi-BioDes ultrasonic room disinfectant concentrate in a set
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Perfect disinfection of your nail salon. Room air disinfection through nebulization



The innovative air disinfection, eliminates germs in the room air and reduces the risk of infection.


  • Emmi®-BioDes is non-toxic, pH-neutral and residue-free
  • has a reliable effect against bacteria, viruses, fungi, hormones- and antibiotic residues
  • Helps allergy sufferers
  • Eliminates unwanted odors
  • No known gaps in effectiveness and resistance formation
  • No allergic reactions known
  • No dangerous goods, simple and inexpensive to use
  • No ingredients subject to declaration
  • No organic chemicals, made from water and table salt
  • No problematic residues, no special disposal
  • Scalable product specifications (redox potential, pH value, oxidizing power and salt content) for different applications
  • Without hydrogen peroxide, copper or silver ions, without aldehydes, colorants and fragrances, tested according to DGHM guidelines
  • .
  • Mixing ratio 1:5 with water


How the Emmi-BioDes ultrasonic room disinfectant concentrate works:

The extremely fine mist atomized by our patented ultrasonic humidifiers, wets all surfaces

.auml;l;chen, allowing the active ingredient to wet ceilings, walls, appliances, ventilation ducts, air conditioning systems, food and furniture. The mist thus serves as a carrier and transports the biocide evenly to all areas that are difficult to access and closes all common disinfection gaps.

Examples of use:

  • Room disinfection, e.g. living rooms and offices, homes, nurseries, storage rooms
  • Disinfection of vehicles such as cars, ambulances, buses, animal transporters
  • Air disinfection, e.g. waste sorting plants, composting plants, grain mills
  • Disinfecting cleaning of ventilation systems (air conditioning systems)
  • Air hygiene, e.g. for tobacco smoke, animal, fire or decay odors
  • Dust binding


Highlights of the Emmi room disinfectant:

• Natural evaporation process for optimal performance 
• Spreads less bacteria than humidifiers with sonic wave technology 
• Avoids wet spots and white dust 
• Intelligent humidity control between 20 and 60 %
• 2 mist outlet nozzles, one of which can be rotated 360°
• Run time up to 10 hours thanks to 2.5 liter tank 
• Automatic stop or continuous operation 
• Ideal for rooms of approx. 35 m² 
• Automatic switch-off when water tank is empty 
• Operating noise level below 25 dB 
• 3 humidification levels visible through LED colors (20% - 60%)  
Technical data: 
• Power supply: 230 volts 
• Output: max. 28 watts 
• Cable length approx. 230 cm 
• Dimensions (W x H x D) mm: 150 x 340 x 150


The product has been tuned to the Emmi ultrasonic frequency, which makes it much more effective.

Instructions for use

WEEE-Reg. No. DE65313320
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