Emmi-Nail Futureline build-up gel clear 30ml

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Emmi-Nail Futureline build-up gel clear 30ml
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60 sec. UV/LED120 sec. UV
Medium to thick viscosity Build-up gel
Very dimensionally stable
Free from methacrylic acid
Contents: 30ml
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Futureline build-up gel clear 30ml - Builder gel for build-up and lengthening


The Emmi-Nail Futureline builder gel clear 30ml ensures a stable and long-lasting nail model. It is medium to thick-viscosity and dthis results in a perfectly finished Gel modeling. The builder gel or modeling gel is used as a second layer after the base gel. It can be used very well for building up the C-curve. It does not run into the nail edges and can therefore also be modeled for a longer time, for example when Stencil lengthening and for excess length such as stilettos. The gel contains no methacrylic acid and is therefore very gentle on the natural nail. It is therefore also ideal for natural nail strengthening. We recommend the other products in our Futureline Series.


medium to thick viscosity Build-up gel
very dimensionally stable
free from methacrylic acid
Content: 30ml


Curing time: 120 seconds in the UV deviceät and 60 seconds in UV/LED-Gerät

Our recommendation:

  • Sealing gel either work directly into the sweat layer if the build-up is very even or Sweat coat with Cleaner and Remove the celltten, build-up with a smooth with a file, remove dust and then seal
  • Nail art is best created after a first coat of build-up gel and then sculpted. Color gels can also be applied directly to the shaped build-up. This allows you to create the Nail design without having to remove the entire nail design.

Gel brushes are available in our range in studio quality and in various sizes, so that you can find the perfect Accessories at hand. 

Für Studio customers also available in bulk in 250ml, 500ml and 1000ml at 06105-406780 or [email protected] higher

More Information

Size 30ml
Viscosity Medium to thick viscosity
Opacity Clear / Colored
Use Structure
Ingredients Free from methacrylic acid
Suitable for / for Advanced, Professional
Series Futureline
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