Rhinestone brush red size 4, oval

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Rhinestone brush red size 4, oval
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Made from high-quality synthetic hair
Bristle protection
High-quality workmanship
S ize 4 oval
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Strass brush red oval size 4 - for the perfect application of nail gels


With the new brush series from Emmi-Nail, you have a product line in your hands that is characterized not only by its elegant design and material, but also by its high level of comfort in everyday workThe brushes are made of metal and sit comfortably in the hand. The brush's center of gravity is optimally positioned. This makes it easy and steady to handle and facilitates precise work. The cap also protects the brush from dust and daylight.


 is made of high-quality synthetic hair
 bristle protection
 high-quality workmanship
 Size. 4 oval


The cap not only protects the hair of the brush tip, it also acts as a brush handle. It is simply removed and placed on the rear end. Visually, the brush is metallic red and features beautiful ornaments that shine like rhinestones and a heart engraving.The brushes are available in four variations: as an acrylic brush, gel brush as a cat's tongue, with a straight or oval tip.

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Handle Aluminum
Use Structure, Sealing
Suitable for / for Beginners, Advanced, Professional
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