Nail care set for men

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Nail care set for men
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Manicure set for men
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Manicure set for well-groomed men's hands.

Your hands are your personal calling card and well-groomed nails not only look beautiful, but also contribute to nail health. With this 5-piece set, you can give your fingernails a well-groomed look in just a few minutes.

Usually only women pay attention to their fingernails and cuticles, but men in particular often have problems with calluses or ridges on their fingernails. Splintering and brittle nail ends are a nuisance in everyday life and are unpleasantly noticeable at first glance.

For visibly well-groomed hands, proceed as follows:

  • Shorten your nails with nail clippers
  • Apply cuticle remover to your cuticles and leave it on for 1-2 minutes.
  • Now carefully push back the cuticle with the flat end of the rosewood stick.
  • Use the pointed side to remove the dirt under the nails.
  • First, use the rough side of the polishing file to remove any unevenness on the nail. Then gently circle the nails with the fine side to create a natural shine.
  • Now apply the cream to your hands and massage it in using circular movements.
If you repeat the application every week, your nails will soon always look their best.

Set contents:

  • Diagonal nail clippers - For shortening natural nails
  • Cuticle remover - For gentle cuticle removal
  • Ancour Indian Summer hand cream - Pampering, natural care for stressed hands and nails.
  • Polishing file - For smoothing and polishing the nail surface
  • Rosewood stick - For cleaning the nails and pushing back the cuticles

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