Cuticle nippers chrome-plated

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Cuticle nippers chrome-plated
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for removing the cuticle
Made from stainless steel
Can be disinfected and sterilized
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Chrome-plated cuticle nippers for thorough cuticle removal

The chrome-plated cuticle nippers are an indispensable Accessory for nail Nail care is the cuticle nipper. Thanks to the precision-ground cutting edges, cuticles can be removed from even the finest corners of the nail. Although the cuticle nippers are so delicate, they are also very stable and robust.For lightning-fast disinfection of the cuticle nippers, we recommend ourEmmi-Steri UVC LED device.

for removing the cuticle
made from stainless steel
Can be disinfected and sterilized

And it's that easy:

  1. Emmi-Nail cuticle remover and leave on for approx. 2 minutes.
  2. Place a Pro Pusher or a Rosewood stick on the nail in front of the excess skin and gently push the skin backwards.
  3. Start at the nail bed and remove any protruding skin. Do not go too deep and do not cut away too much, otherwise there is a risk of inflammation.
  4. The cuticles should then be well cared for with high-quality nail oil - preferably daily. However, if you want to apply nail polish, you should do this before the care. Allow the nail polish to dry well and then apply the nail oil and massage in gently.
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