Nail polish CLUB LAQUE Dirty Bitch 10ml

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Nail polish CLUB LAQUE Dirty Bitch 10ml
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intensive color
Highly opaque
1 00% vegan and cruelty-free
fresh scent: melon & cucumber

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Vegan CLUB LAQUE nail polish Dirty Bitch - for a color-intensive, shiny manicure

The Dirty Bitch is not to everyone's taste, and to be honest, she doesn't want to be. Not everyone can understand her sense of humor and sarcasm. She has no time for people with a "stick up their ass" and her direct manner will tell everyone what she thinks about them. Regardless of the consequences. She brings a breath of fresh air into any room that smells of fake people. She's always the most genuine thing you can find there.

Intense color
High coverage
Vegan and cruelty-free
Fresh scent

The air-drying color polish offers highly pigmented color with a strong shine that dries quickly. The elegant brown lasts up to 7 days - without fading. The flexible lacquer formula ensures a particularly impact-resistant color - without any UV light. The special brush dispenses the optimum amount of color, allowing for easy and precise application, even in one step.In just a few steps, you can achieve flawlessly styled nails for every occasion Emmi-Nail Turbo Top Coat you can enhance the color with maximum shine and protection. Tips & tricks for perfect color application and how the color stays beautiful longer can be found in ourGuide.

Upgrade your nail polish collection and be inspired by the high-quality and unique colors of the CLUB LAQUE collection.

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Viscosity Thin viscosity
Size 10ml
Opacity Covering
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