Emmi-Nail Remover Wraps

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Emmi-Nail Remover Wraps
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sofort lieferbar
for the removal of UV varnish
S imple application
all fingers at the same time
Contents: 100 pieces
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With the Emmi®-Nail Remover Wraps the remover can be perfectly dosed. With wraps and remover, you can easily remove Shellac UV polish with ease . You also save time as all ten fingers can work simultaneously.For the customer, removing the color is more pleasant as you can adapt the remover wraps individually to the customer's finger and use them without remover clips if desired.

✔ for removing UV varnish
✔ easy to use
✔ all fingers simultaneously
✔ Content: 100 pieces


And this is how it works´s:

  1. Moisten the wrap heavily with Emmi-Nail Remover.
  2. Place the wrap on the nail and place our Remover Clips on the finger.
  3. After 10 minutes, you can apply the UV varnish with a rosewood sticks.


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