Stamping starter set 2-way

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Stamping starter set 2-way
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the fastest nail art
Konad stamps and stencils
1 1-piece stamping starter set
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Stamping starter set 2-way - everything you need

We have put together this stamping starter set from the most important working materials.

1 Konad Multi-Stamp with holder
3 Konad stencils of your choice
3 stamping paints of your choice
1 mixing palette
1 acetone-free nail polish remover 100 ml
1 cell box 250 pieces

The multi-stamp has been extended for safer guidance when stamping. Thanks to the different diameters, the stamp fits much better in the hand and it is much easier to work with the stamp. This makes it easy to achieve optimum results! The stamp is made of high-quality dual hard plastic with two differently sized stamp sides. You can transfer the motifs with both sides of the stamp.

The original Emmi-Nail stamping varnish has been specially developed for stamping systems. Due to its excellent viscosity and opacity, you can achieve unique results.

Please note that you will achieve optimum results with the original Emmi-Nail stamping varnishes, as they have been specially developed for the stamping technique in terms of their viscosity and opacity. A conventional nail polish is unsuitable due to its viscosity.

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Suitable for / for Beginners, Advanced, Natural nails
Use Nail art
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