Emmi-Nail Studioline 1-phase gel 15ml

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Emmi-Nail Studioline 1-phase gel 15ml
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120 sec. UV/LED120 sec. UV240 sec. UV
medium viscosity 1-phase gel
s elf-smoothing
Content: 15ml
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Studioline 1-phase gel 15ml - self-smoothing all-in-one gel

The Emmi-Nail Studioline 1-phase gel 15ml is self-smoothing and therefore particularly suitable for beginners.Use the All-In-One Gel with adhesive strength as Grundiergel, Build-up gel or sealing gel. This means that you need the following for the Gel modeling only one nail product. It has a medium-viscosity consistency and is therefore also suitable for modeling. We recommend the other products in our Studioline series.


medium-viscosity 1-phase gel
Content: 15ml


  • 120 seconds in the UV-Gerät as a primer gel (240 seconds if adhesion is difficult)
  • 120 seconds in the UV deviceas a build-up gel
  • 240 seconds in the UV device as a sealing gel
  • 120 seconds in the UV-/LED-Gerät as a priming gel
  • 120 seconds in the UV/LED device as a build-up gel
  • 120 seconds in the UV/LED device as a sealing gel

Our recommendation:

    Work the sealing gel either directly into the sweat layer if the build-up is very even or clean the sweat layer with Cleaner and Remove cellsn, build-up with a smooth with a file, remove dust and then seal
  • Nail art is best created after a first coat of build-up gel and then sculpted. Color gels can also be applied directly to the shaped build-up. This allows you to create the Nail design without having to remove the entire nail design.

Für Studio customers also available in bulk in 250ml, 500ml and 1000ml at 06105-406780 or [email protected] higher

CPNP reference: 1213411

More Information

Size 15ml
Viscosity Medium viscosity
Opacity Clear / Colored
Use Primer, 1-phase, Structure, Sealing
Suitable for / for Beginners, Advanced
Series Studioline
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