Emmi-Nail Thermogel Allure-Seduction -F232-

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Emmi-Nail Thermogel Allure-Seduction -F232-
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60 sec. UV/LED120 sec. UV
studio quality
Excellent covering power
Color change at approx. 30°C
medium viscosity
uV and UV/LED curing
Contents: 5ml
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Emmi-Nail Thermogel Allure-Seduction - changes color

Do you love the long durability of gel nails, but quickly get bored of just one color? Then our Emmi-Nail Thermogels are just the thing for you. When the temperature changes from 30-31°C, the colors start to change as if by magic.

The Emmi-Nail Thermogel Allure-Seduction 5ml ensures a long-lasting and professional color result on your fingernails. The high pigment density and opacity of Emmi-Nail thermal gels give you a stunning color experience.

The medium-viscosity consistency of the gels makes them easy to apply for nail modeling with impressive results. For this reason, our UV thermal gel is ideal for beginners and established professionals. The Emmi-Nail UV/LED thermal gels have a particularly short curing time and impress with their long durability.

S tudio quality
Excellent coverage
Color change at approx. 30°C
Medium viscosity
UV and UV/LED curing
Content: 5ml

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Viscosity Medium viscosity
Size 5ml
Opacity Covering
Suitable for / for Beginners, Advanced, Professional
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